What is the service area for Green Mango?

View our service area. We do not currently serve the Flagstaff area. 

 Can I pay in cash?

At this time we are not set up to accept cash. Credit or debit card payments can be accepted on our website from all the major credit card vendors. 

 How do I redeem my voucher?

A voucher will be emailed to you directly at the time of purchase. You can scan the QR code on the card or call Green Mango or Coconut directly to schedule service.

Can I share this offer on social media?

Absolutely! Just be sure to mention the student you are sharing it for. We want the student to get the credit. 

 Can I purchase more than one voucher? 

You are welcome to purchase as many vouchers as you like. Vouchers are redeemed as one per household per 6 months. Extra vouchers can be gifted to family or friends. 

 I am an existing customer, can I pay my monthly fee with this voucher?

No. Green Mango vouchers are redeemed for new monthly service setup or for one time pest removal like roaches or bed bugs.

 How will I get my receipt for the fundraiser purchase?

A receipt of your purchase is emailed to you immediately after the purchase is completed on the website. 

What will $200 purchase from Green Mango?

$200 covers a variety of options such as your initial pest control treatment, rodent bait stations, mosquito bait stations OR bed bug or German roach inspections. One of our customer services representatives can help create a custom treatment plan for your needs. GREEN MANGO SERVICES MAY REQUIRE A SIGNED CONTRACT
What will $200 purchase from Coconut Cleaning?
$200 covers a variety of options such as; 4 rooms of carpet, 2 rooms of tile, OR 2 area rugs. One of our customer service representatives can help create a custom cleaning quote for your needs.